FDA no longer requires animal testing for new drugs

FDA no longer has to require animal testing for new drugs (science.org)

MetaVi Labs’ Powerful AI driven in vitro assays Provide More Data than Animal studies

This decision of the FDA has increased the value of all methods, materials and devices that are suitable to perform preclinical drug testing in the lab. Especially those cellular assays will promptly gain importance, which on the one hand imitate complex close to in vivo situations and on the other hand are performed under well-defined and reproducible conditions.

It has been shown on several examples that cell-based assays can not only replace but also excel over animal models in terms of reliability, reproducibility and quantification. MetaVí Labs very beginning started with such proof. We have shown that the regulation of metastasis formation can be much easier, faster, cheaper and be more accurately analyzed by tumor cell migration assays than in animal models (please see further reading).

More recently, MetaVí Labs has established a killing assay for the detection of engineered or activated immune cells against target tumor cells. Such killing efficacy cannot be quantified in an in vivo animal system.

In either case, industrial-sized use of such cell-based assays in order to replace animal models mandatorily requires automated analysis, for which MetaVí Labs provides a broad range of standard and custom-made services and solutions.

Further reading:

The norepinephrine-driven metastasis development of PC-3 human prostate cancer cells in BALB/c nude mice is inhibited by beta-blockers – PubMed (nih.gov)