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The Account page allows you to purchase analysis jobs and to monitor available resources such as remaining jobs and storage space.

The three tabs are:

  • Information
  • Upgrade Subscription
  • Purchase Analysis Jobs

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The Distributor box provides email contacts for people that can help you with your account such as purchasing more jobs.

The plan box describes your current subscription plan. Subscription plans are:

  • Individual Researcher: one user, 5 GB storage
  • Small Research Group: 5 users, 100 GB storage
  • Large Research Group: 10 users, 1000 GB storage
  • Enterprise: unlimited users, 2 TB storage
If you exceeed your storage, you can either increase your subscription or delete experiments to free up storage space.

Upgrade Subscription

To upgrade your subscription, click on the "make subscription request" button and then contact your sales representative to arrangement playment. Once payment has been settled, the account will be upgraded.

Purchase Analysis Jobs

There are two ways to make a purchase:

  • Immediatey by credit card
  • By purchase order
If you purchase using a credit card your account will be credited with the new analysis jobs immediately. If you use the purchase order method, your sales representative will email you a voucher when the payment terms have been settled. You can copy and paste this voucher number into the space provided on page you reach by clicking "By using purchase order button".

treatment groups 2