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Condition Groups

You may have the same condition (or treatment) in many wells. Wells with a common condition can be grouped together for statistical analysis. When using condition groups, the results from each well will be reported independently but also combined by group. The excel data will also include individual wells and groups.

For example, in chemotaxis analysis all cell tracks from all wells with the same condition are combined as if they were in the same well. So all measurements and statistical analysis are for the common condition. This allows different conditions to be compared.

Suppose you have three condition groups in your experiment:

  • Controls (untreated)
  • Wells treated with CD4
  • Wells treated with CD8

In the below image, you see an example of how to tag the condition to the well. Each well should be labled with a tag according to its condition. Just start typing in the condition box and hit enter to save the tag. If the tag has already been added to a previous well, you can also use the drop-down button to select a previously entered tag.

The tag you use will be used in the report charts to indicate the results for each condition.


To delete a tag, just delete all occurances.

You can find all conditions for all replicates in the Experiment edit page. All replicates of one experiment share the set of conditions.

If you find that the report has completed before you have a chance to enter the conditions, then just click the report re-do button and a new report will be generated with the new condition labels.