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  • FDA no longer requires animal testing for new drugs

    FDA no longer has to require animal testing for new drugs ( MetaVi Labs’ Powerful AI driven in vitro assays Provide More Data than Animal studies This decision of the FDA has increased the value of all methods, materials and devices that are suitable to perform preclinical drug testing in the lab. Especially those cellular […]

  • Results of the Cell Tracking Challange

      While we were not aware of the Cell Tracking Challenge in 2019 (, we thought it would be fun to process some of their data sets to see how we do. Of course this is un-official.  We will be updating this post with results as we have time. Starting with the 2D data set […]

  • Software for Cell Segmentation, Chemotaxis, and Cell Migration

    Two options will be discussed: Option 1: MetaVi Labs AI Backed, 100% Automated Cell Tracking Option 2: For your convenience, we provide a list of Open Source and Free Software Tools for Cell Segmentation and Cell Migration Option 1: MetaVi Labs AI Backed, 100% Automated Cell Tracking Cell segmentation for chemotaxis or cell migration studies […]

  • Periodic Membrane Potential and Ca2+ Oscillations in T Cells Forming an Immune Synapse

      Important paper on the Ca2+ oscillations in the T cell Immune Synapse. Papp et al. discuss their findings on the oscillations in calcium flux during synapse formation. We find this interesting because we measure this precisely using our AI backed analysis system.     Learn more about our AI Powered Synapse analysis and […]

  • Over 25,000 uploads to FastTrack AI !

    As of today (10 January 2023) we are at 25,596 uploads to our system dedicated to our sales through ibidi. Our secondary service has had 13,660 uploads. This is from over 1,400 labs around the world. This provides us with millions of cell images to feed into our machine learning system and provides biologists with […]

  • Why Segment Cells? Example 1: Accurate Cell Death Measurements

    Is cell segmentation really necessary ?      A google scholar search on the term “cell segmentation deep learning” produces over 17,000 results. So this is obviously a problem which thousands of people have devoted much effort to solving.  CellPose, for example, has provided a very nice Deep Learning system which makes it ‘easy’ for […]

  • Using FastTrack AI for a clinical indication in liver cirrhosis

      Great new paper from Matthias Gunzer’s lab with another example using FastTrack AI for a clinical indication. Link to paper in Liver International   We are using AI/Deep Learning in a new way: we apply it to microscopy images of living cells. Looking at living cells is a lost art. But with the advent […]

  • MetaVi Labs Introduces AI backed Cell Counting for $2 per image set

    To support all those who labor to do science in academia:  for half what you pay for a Starbucks’ coffee, you can now save hours of tedious manual work with our AI backed cell counting software.  Our AI system is pre-trained on thousands of samples and if it does not work for you, let us […]

  • Use the ibidi micro-pattern slides to extract maximum serial killing data

    This is a demonstration of FastTrack AI measuring CAR T cell killing efficiency on the ibidi adhesion pad grid slide. The source movie is phase contrast with no dyes or labels.  The AI system tags the immune cells with a blue mark. The AI system tags the cancer cells with a green number. Cells which […]

  • FastTrack AI used in a clinical study in Myelodysplastic Syndrome

      Matthias Gunzer’s lab published a paper studying patient outcomes via leukocytes drawn from patients’ peripheral blood (the methods relied on MetaVi Labs’ FastTrack AI) . Very exciting application: Link to paper in the Journal of Immunology