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Uploading Images Into Wells

There are three methods for uploading images into wells:

  • Quick Analysis Wizard
  • Replicate Wizard
  • Individual Well File Upload

Quick Analysis Wizard

The Quick Analysis Wizard has a simple to use Drag-and-drop interface which allows you to upload time-lapse movies (one movie per well) or folders containing image files (one folder per well). Also you can choose to find the file with a file explorer rather than drag-and-drop. You can read about the Quick Analysis Wizard here: Quick Analysis Wizard Help Page.

The Quick Analysis Wizard will create a new experiment for you each time you use it. To add additional replicates to an existing experiment, use the Replicate Wizard.

Replicate Wizard

The Replicate Wizard will add a new replicate to an existing experiment. It will also allow you to drag-and-drop time-lapse movies and will automatically create wells for you. You can also drag-and-drop folders containing individual images (such as tif, bmp, jpg). The documentation on the Replicate Wizard is found in the Replicates Page of the Help Center.

Individual Well File Upload

In the Replicate section of the Help Center, you will find the documentation on the Advanced image upload function. This function allows you to upload directly into one well.

If you want to add new movies to an existing replicate you will need to use the advanced mode. This allows you to extend a comparitave report to include additional wells. The Replicates Page will explain how to upload a single movie into a single well for analysis.