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Fast and easy cell counting, wound healing analysis, cell migration and many more...


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New Accounts include 12 analysis jobs

Purchase additional analysis jobs for $2 each by credit card

An analysis job is the automated analysis of one time-lapse sequence of images. In other words, one or more images associated with a single well or position.

Upload images, get results in minutes

Choose a Pre-defined Assay or consult with us on a custom assay. Run your experiment according to our microscopy setup guidelines. Our AI is pretrained on millions of cell images. If the AI does not recognize your cells, let us know and we will update the models.

Complete automated reports including charts and raw excel data

Your results will be ready in a few minutes. Copy our charts directly into your paper, or import the raw data into your own graphing tool.

Stop spending hours manually tracking or fussing about with ImageJ

Relax and get back to biology

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Other payment options for academic Accounts

Unlimited analysis jobs for $1,200/year subscription with an Individual Researcher account. Includes one user and 5 GB of storage.

Unlimited analysis jobs for $2,400/year subscription with an Small Research Group account. Includes 5 users and 100 GB of storage.

Unlimited analysis jobs for $4,800/year subscription with an Large Research Group account. Includes 10 users and 1000 GB of storage.

Let AI open up advanced assays and innovative and novel research.

For example, fully characterize immune cell to pathogenic cell interactions.

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Biological Relevance

Cell motion is not a yes-or-no decision such as cell death or mitosis. Cell motion is a highly graduated process that can only be fully described by the combination of multiple parameters. MetaVì Labs provides all these parameters for several applications from basic research to pre-clinical drug development, completely covering all aspects of any kind of cell motion. Importantly, labelling of cells with fluorescence dyes may alter the cell behaviour and dyes may also interact with test substances or drug candidates. Consequently, MetaVÌ Labs is foccusing on label- free assays, but also provides fluorescence analysis for certain applications.

Turn-key Assays

Label-free Wound Healing

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Label-free Chemotaxis

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Label-free Tube Formation

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Label-free Cell Death

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Label-free Killing Efficiency

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Fluorescence multiplexed Serial Killing

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Cell Counting

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Whole Tissue Vascualar Analysis

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We've partnered with the leader in living cell imaging chambers so we can provide you with a complete turn-key solution.

We work with any microscope. For high-content applications, we provide on-site hardware to interface to systems such as Incucyte, ImageXPress, and many more.

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