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Cell Migration and Chemotaxis

Fully automated cell tracking in phase contrast, brightfield, and fluorescence.

From raw images to final results in minutes

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Features and Benefits

Track thousands of cells - dramatically increase statistical signifigance.

Save many hours of manual tracking time per image sequence.

Increase accuracy and repeatability over human tracking.

Biological Relevance

The spontaneous or innate movement of cells as well as the migration induced by certain signal substances (chemokinesis) plays a pivotal role in several physiological, but also in pathological processes. Chemotaxis is a special form of chemokinesis, where cells sense a gradient of a signal substance and move towards it:

  • embryonic stem cells in ontogenesis and adult stem cells in tissue regeneration
  • fibroblasts in wound healing
  • leukocytes in immune defense and inflammation
  • tumor cell migration in invasion and metastasis formation
  • sperm motility in fertilization
  • yeast, protozoan, algae and plankton movement in their respective environment, and also as human pathogens with regard to yeast and protozoans.

More benefits when using the ibidi chemotaxis chambers

  • Real-time chemotaxis measurement in a 2D or 3D environment
  • Stable chemotactic gradients for long-term experiments
  • Reproducible results with reliable and user-independent data
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Extensive on-line documentation

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