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The MetaVi Lab's killing efficiency assay is designed to help you answer questions such as:

  • How effective are my killing cells?
  • What percentage are active?
  • Serial Killing - How many targets can one effector cell kill?
  • How effective are my treatments?


With no fluorescent labels, using only morphology in phase-contrast or brightfield, FastTrack AI can count living and dead individual cells over time. This dramatically increases the accuracy of cell death measurements.

With the addition of a fluorescent label on one cell type, FastTrack AI can track target and effector cells over time. This allows the precise measurement of serial killing efficiency by tracking thousands of individual cells.

With the usage of ibidi patterned adhension and micro-well slides, we offer the additional advantage of isolating attacks and dramatically increased precision in serial killing measurements.

What are we offering?

We run an internet hosted software service (on Amazon Web Services). For high-throughput customers we install a special computer on your site that interfaces with your microscope data system and automates the uploading of images into our webservice.

We also customize our analysis per colloboration with our customers and offer consulation services for the duration of the service contract.

How to Purchase

IO assays are only avaible via consulation. Please contact us directly for a non-confidential presentation and discussion of your requirements.

Purchasing our services is as easy as click of a mouse when you use or Science-Exchange.


Our automated reports generate over 50 metrics. We sample just a few below. All data is avaible in easy to read charts and also raw excel data.

Demonstrating Killing Efficiency Movie with ibidi Patterned Slide

This is a demonstration of FastTrack AI measuring T cell killing efficiency on the ibidi adhesion pad grid slide. The source movie is phase contrast with no dyes or labels. The AI system tags the imune cells with a blue mark. The AI system tags the cancer cells with a green number. Cells which transition from living to dead are coded in red. Notice dead cell matter is not interpreted as living cells.

Average Number of Pathogens killed per T cell

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Histogram of Percentage of T cells by Number of Effective Attacks

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Living Pathogens over Time

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