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We fully characterize immune:pathogenic cell interactions by customizing our analysis pipe-line to your needs.

Make novel discoveries from serial killing efficiency to antibody-antigen reaction rates...

KE- MetaVi Labs' own novel measure of killing efficiency. Observes actual effector:target ratios and precise time to cell death.

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Time to cell Death. Observes the time from first contact to cell-death. Histogram thousands of effector:target interactions.

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Cytotoxicity. More precise than dye based methods, observes changes in visible morphology to determine living/dead transitions.

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Serial Synapse Histogram. For each observed effector, how many target contacts were established.

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Biological Relevance

When a cell moves towards another cell, it consequently interacts with this cell and eventually changes its behaviour:

  • interaction of different immune cell types for education and activation of the immune system
  • interaction of immune effector cells with target cells (tumor cells or virus infected cells) for killing.

Get more out of your microscope.

Upload images to your private account on our AWS hosted solution or explore our on-premises options. We offer fully integrated and automated analyses for Incucyte and ImageXPress users.

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We will add your cell lines to our training sets (we do the work). Here are samples of the many co-cultures we have done.

CAR T cells against B cells

CAR T cells against breast cancer cells

NK cells against B cells

NK cells against colon cancer cells

Use the ibidi micro-pattern slides to extract maximum serial killing data.

This is a demonstration of FastTrack AI measuring T cell killing efficiency on the ibidi adhesion pad grid slide. The source movie is phase contrast with no dyes or labels. The AI system tags the imune cells with a blue mark. The AI system tags the cancer cells with a green number. Cells which transition from living to dead are coded in red. Notice dead cell matter is not interpreted as living cells.

We can support your assay design or design one for you.

No labels - phase or brightfield only

Multiplex phase and one or more channels of fluorescence to track multiple cell types

Multiplex phase and one or more channels of fluorescence to measure specific reactions on a cell by cell basis

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