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Wound Healing Analysis

Fully automated Wound Healing analysis in phase contrast, brightfield, and fluorescence.

From raw images to final results in minutes

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Features and Benefits

Works with all microscopes, all image types

Save many hours of manual tracking time per image sequence

Increase accuracy and repeatability over human tracking

Biological Relevance

The wound healing assay, also termed as gap closure assay, is probably the classic among the live cell assays. Although one has to be aware that the gap closure is not solely caused by cell migration but rather by a combination of cell growth (proliferation) and cell migration, this assay is easy to perform and thus commonly used and qualified to deliver initial results for:

  • intracellular signal transduction research
  • pre-clinical drug screening

More benefits when using the ibidi culture slides and inserts

  • Complete solution for wound healing experiments, requiring only a few steps from sample preparation to image analysis
  • Reproducible experiments owing to: a defined 500 µm cell free gap, no leakage during cultivation, and no material being left behind after the insert’s removal
  • Individual inserts for single experiments
  • Ideal cell growth on ibiTreat surface
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